It’s Official. Black Pudding is a Superfood.

Fruit pig rare breed Valentines breakfast copyAs 2016 arrives we find out that black pudding is a Super Food! The Daily Mail’s online piece is extremely welcome. We concur, our award winning black pudding is a super food. We’ve been making lovely black pudding for some years now. Initially we made it with the very common, imported dried blood powder. But then we advanced “back in time” and in 2012, started using the real McCoy….fresh blood. It’s a little known fact that the vast majority of black puddings are not made in the traditional way with fresh blood. Don’t kid yourself, most of the big players are dried blood users.

What is Black Pudding?
Black pudding is a blood pudding or blood sausage made by mixing blood (usually pig’s blood) with spices, fat/suet, vegetables/fruit and usually a cereal-based filler. Throughout the world, regional differences have added huge variety as producers were historically restricted to using local ingredients. In France, Boudin Noir can include sautéed onions, cream, nuts and calvados. In Spain, Morcilla is generally a soft, blood and rice-based affair with spices, paprika and raisins. In Germany, Blutwurst can be haggis-like with lungs and liver. The same can be said in Poland with the increasingly popular Kaszanka. In other parts of the world, blood from chickens, ducks, sheep and goats can also be used. Last year, as part of BBC documentary, Dr Michael Mosley even made black pudding from his own blood!  Have a look at the range of our pudds for sale here.

duck and waffle fruit pig company black puddingDuck and Waffle’s classic House breakfast

Eating Black Pudding
We are aware that black pudding is a “marmite” thing. At our farmers’ markets and festivals in East Anglia the majority of dissenters we meet have never even eaten the stuff! Their judgements are based on the description of ingredients. Fair dinkum, we won’t eat balut…please don’t look it up! For us, in the UK, traditional black pudding is a staple of the great British fry up breakfast. Bacon, eggs, sausage, beans, tomato and black pudding, it’s a list that rolls off the tongue like the Trumpton firemen.

Grilled or fried, black pudding is ideal for soaking up runny eggs. If grilled, fast and hard, a good slice of black pudding will give a satisfying crunch on the outside with a soft interior….just like a great homemade chip. Outside of breakfasts black pudding is not just a classic accompaniment with scallop. Black pudding is used as a stuffing, as a complimentary ingredient in stews, deep fried bonbon and in terrines. For cooking ideas never just google “black pudding”. Add “chorizo” to the search and gems like this pop up. Wanting to make a soil crumb for that extra pizzazz on a dish? Slowly dry out one of our slices and crumble up!

fruit-pig-company fruit-pig-company-boudin-noirOur Black Pudding Awards
At our first attempt, we won a Silver medal at the black pudding world championships in 2013!  Since 1963, Mortagne-Au-Perche, a historic town in southern Normandy has held the world’s most prestigious international black pudding championship. Hosted by La Confrerie des Chevaliers du Goute Boudin, The Knights of the Black Pudding, this year’s international competition (2016) will take place on the 18 and 19 March. Closer to home, in 2014, we won 2 stars in Great Taste Awards.

Knights of the Black Pudding-1These are the knights with the arduous task of tasting hundreds of black pudds.

FPC World Champ silverOur silver medal

Whilst awards are excellent, selling our puddings is what keeps us in business. As well as supplying many excellent restaurants, pubs, hotels and delis in local Norfolk, we have a growing list of retail outlets. For wholesale enquiries outside London please contact us direct. In London, the excellent Cannon and Cannon of Borough Market look after our new wholesale distribution.


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