About Fruit Pig

An East Anglian-based, bespoke butchery company producing joints and charcuterie from traditional, rare breed meats for restaurants, delis and pubs. We also supply chilled, next day, home deliveries to our growing band of online customers.  All animals are nurtured in low intensive, free-range conditions on open fields.

Our specialist charcuterie has already gained many awards. The vast majority of our sausages are naturally gluten and allergen free. Our bacons are traditional and slowly dry cured – whether it’s our popular back bacons or more exotic cuts like our cheek bacon – Guanciale or mutton bacon.  Fruit Pig smoked products are cold smoked over oak.  Our  Great Taste 2 star fresh blood black pudding has a passionate national following.  We also have a growing list of gluten and lactose free as well as nitrate & nitrite free charcuterie.

We also sell traditional breeds of beef, lamb, mutton and fowl. So, if you’re looking for sumptuous charcuterie, a thick roast belly, a marbled fore rib, a mutton slow roast leg or real onglet, welcome to the Fruit Pig Company, East Anglia’s only rare/ traditional breeds butchery supported by the British Pig Association and the Rare Breed Survival Trust.


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